Choosing the Perfect Dog Run

Advantek Modular Outdoor Dog Kennel:

The Advantek gazebo is like a life size gazebo and has an angular modular shape well enough for pet use. Advantek is comparatively cheaper than other dog runs and come with really good features.

Top Features:

1. Comes with water-resistant cover

2. High roof

3. Easy to maintain

4. No tools required

5. Modular design

The modular design comes with benefits such as it allows the buyer to purchase other modular components from the same set and make a larger, connected kennel run for your pet. The big set allows the multiple pups live together in the same area without making them uncomfortable. The sad news is that this item does not come with warranty.

The size of one octagon kennel are 5’ length x 5’ width x 5’ height and require no tools whatsoever for assembling! Another plus point.

BINGO Dog Kennel 4x2.3x1.83m + Roof:

The BINGO Outdoor Kennel Run Enclosure comes with an effective locking system that ensure the pet’s security. The product has the frames made up of durable strong steel that is linked with high quality chain-link mesh. The Bingo Outdoor Kennel has spacious total area with approximately 1.8m height hence allowing your pet to run and exercise freely without any trouble, no break outs or escapes! It is an ideal product for all pets such as puppies, kittens, chickens, guinea pigs, rabbits and much more!

1. High quality & durable material

2. Galvanized metal minimizes rust

3. Round-edged design on 4 corners enhances safety

4. Heavy duty hinge & simple locking system

5. Fully fenced chain link mesh

6. Medium sized mesh prevent pet's legs being caught

Suitable for all kinds of pets in general

Lucky Dog Best in Show Kennel:

This kennel is constructed out of chain link material. It is a perfect kennel for smaller dogs as they can have easily relax and but due to measurement of 10’ H x 5’ L x 6’ W it becomes hard for them to run. Enlisted below are special features of the product.


1. Galvanized steel frame

2. Extended base legs

3. Quick connect frame for easy, no tool assembly

4. Waterproof roof

The galvanized frame of kennel acts as an anti-rust and comes with a durable foundation for the unanchored kennel. The extended base legs of kennel also raises walls and become even with one another, hence the dog cannot move it quickly or at all. The elevated legs makes cleaning easy for the pet owners.

Another reason of why one should go for this dog run is that the assembling is really quick and easy! Just follow the instructions. The has a waterproof roof and if you compare your product with other products of this category one would know that it is an excellent choice if you want a basic kennel design that won’t interfere with the appeal of their home. You get a quality shelter for an inexpensive price.


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